Teddy Bear

Donate teddy bears and stuffed animals to neglected, abused, abandoned and homeless children.
If you would like to provide a drop off location, please click here.
You can drop off or mail your bears to the following locations.

Drop-off or Mail:
Sweet Repeats Consignment Shop
3642 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL 33980
(Corner of US 41 and Easy St)

Drop-off or Mail:
3263 Glencove Street
Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Drop-off or Mail:
23403 Olde Meadowbrook Circle
Estero, FL 34134

Drop-off or Mail:
22548 Bolanos Ct
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Drop-off or Mail:
2765 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Originally the Teddy Bear Project began simply enough with the following post on social media:

I am posting this announcement to see how many people might be interested in participating in the Teddy Bear Project during the holidays this year which I had run for several years in NC prior to returning to our home in Florida. The donated teddy bears and “friends” (other stuffed animals) are donated to the agencies and organizations that work with children who are neglected or abused and with families impacted by violence, aggression, domestic violence, and homicide. Usually donation boxes are set up in multiple convenient locations around the area in businesses who are interested in doing something special during the holiday season. Please let me know if the TBP might be of interest to any of you. Warm regards, Dr. Mary Ann Markey. 

Subsequently, the press release/news story to the local print and online news media read asfollows to be more inclusive of populations who could benefit from having a teddy bear or stuffed animal friend to call their very own:

Dr. and Mr. Markey in Port Charlotte have launched their annual Teddy Bear Project for the donation of Teddy Bears and Friends [other stuffed animals] to be given to neglected, abused and homeless children. This year we would like to expand our donation distribution to include special needs individuals as well as residents of memory care facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Collection and drop-off sites to be announced. My cell # is 954-821-9385 and CV is available upon request.

The response has been overwhelming, and we invite you to join with us and participate as donors or as recipients of teddy bears and friends who have become symbols of caring and love.

Teddy Bear Project

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