Social and Corporate Holiday Planning

by Dr. Mary Ann Markey

Granted, social and corporate holiday planning may not be the most popular topic at the end of May when summer vacation reservations and hurricane preparations are uppermost in people’s minds currently. However, the month of June marks the halfway point of the year, so whether we like to admit it or not, the holidays are only four months away. Typically, special event planners prefer to have a minimum of six months in which to organize and host a social or corporate event especially when it is being held during the holiday season, and therefore, it is competing for venues, entertainment, chefs (food and beverage), bakeries, florists, not-to-mention the availability of competent and experienced event planners themselves.

The 2020 holiday season also demands the utmost in creativity on the part of event planners since the travel restrictions, social distancing requirements, availability and accessibility to resources will most likely continue to evolve over the coming months. So, this “new normal” suggests that event planners not only have their primary “Plan A” ready to implement, but they must also have a backup “Plan B” waiting in the wings just in case the “real” in-person gathering has to transition into a virtual “real”ity or online special event. Fortunately, GEM Conferences, LLC has the capacity to make that happen seamlessly should the need arise where special events can be hosted online in real time for multiple individuals who are participating from multiple locations. There is also the option of recording the special events so that they can be viewed and re-viewed at a later date. So, we at GEM Conferences, strongly suggest that you contact us as soon as possible to reserve your space in our social and corporate holiday events planning queue at

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