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Florida Event Planners with a Global Vision. 

We Brought the UK model of conferencing to the United States.

We Produce Corporate, Social, and Academic Conferences and Events.

GEM Conferences is located in Florida and offer our services nationwide and globally. GEM Conferences, LLC is a full service conference consulting, organizing, hosting, and publishing company. We take a conference topic or theme from concept to completion. Our home office is located in Florida but our services include access to national and international venues. These venues are chosen to suit each event. We offer services that range from consulting and advising you on how to organize and host your own conference to hiring us to organize and host your conference for you. We offer a publishing service where the presentations made by the conference delegates are submitted to one of our publishing affiliates for incorporation into a collaborative work by multiple authors. 

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People or organizations may have lost money on holding their own conferences. This could be due to poor attendance, over-budget advertising costs, bad publicity following the conclusion of the conference, etc. Perhaps they made a bad choice in holding a conference in the first place. They could have met their goals much more effectively by holding a seminar or a tradeshow instead of a conference. Perhaps they chose the wrong venue in which to hold their conference that did align with their topic.  GEM Conferences will help you identify every obstacle and expense that you may encounter. We will help you set goals, objectives, and timelines to produce and host your event.

Meet The Owners

The Markeys share a remarkably similar professional and business history since they are both pilots licensed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). 

In a fashion that is similar to aviation and flying, the organization and hosting of conferences, trade shows, trainings, workshops, etc. requires a high level of flexibility while still being able to follow the outlined disciplines and protocols that have been put into effect.

The Markeys also share several decades of experience within the commercial printing industry where George owned and operated the largest pre-press company in Manhattan (New York) while Mary Ann owned and operated a multi-million dollar printing company in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) between 1968 and 2000. All these years in commercial printing has provided both of them with an intimate understanding of the detail-oriented and demanding deadlines of the advertising and communication industries as well as the commercial printing industry which are also an inescapable part of the conference organizing and hosting business.

George and Mary Ann are both instructors in the fields of aviation and conflict resolution/crisis management (respectively) where they have worked with diverse populations of individuals who have enrolled and are still enrolling in their courses.

Call or Text 954-821-9385